After teaching kindergarten for 9 years……..

I don’t know WHY I never made these sooner.  I was getting SO tired of them copying off of each other.  It’s not that they think they are cheating,  they just think getting the right answer is more important than how they get it.  But they aren’t using their brains if they aren’t thinking.

They weren’t that hard to make, I had them cut the main cuts on the boards at Lowe’s before I brought the boards home.  They had the saw that  could make nice straight cuts better than I could at home.  You can buy or make them at a teacher store out of cardboard, or make them out of file folders, but I like these better.    Currently, they have their sight words and numerals to 20 up, but next year we will start with the ABCs and other things.

I did my first test whole class instead of in small groups of the year on Friday, it was great.

5 thoughts on “After teaching kindergarten for 9 years……..

  1. Those are AWESOME!! What is that, particle board? My tables aren’t any where NEAR that big, even though I have 6 at a table, too. If I divided my tables like that, it wouldn’t leave enough room to even put down a piece of paper 😦 You did get the wheels turning, though…I do like the idea of them having their own private little word wall…hmmmm…. 😉

    • No, it’s masonite, smooth on both sides. My tables originally had cubbies underneath, but then the tables were too tall for their little bodies so I took them off. If you look in the back, behind the table, there is a drawer unit that they keep their stuff in.

    • Assessments are necessary to know what they have learned. I will admit, and most teachers would agree that the system has gone test crazy. WAY more tests then are really needed.

  2. That is brilliant!!! I love how you can clip things to the board – definitely more space than taping things to a desk.

    Also love the girl with Calomine lotion. 😉

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