FOSS Science-Trees

We use the FOSS hands on science kits in our district and our current unit is TREES.  So we have been looking at trees and the seeds they grow from.  It’s fun to show them a foot long Sugar Pine pine cone, and then a giant redwood cone which is smaller than my thumbnail.  We’ve looked at maple seeds, and pine nuts and Walnuts and Acorns.  We’ve looked at tree rings, and counted them.  I showed them a picture of a giant redwood where the growth rings indicating that the tree was around 1000 years old when they cut it down.

ANYWAY,  Friday, after breakfast duty I escorted the kindergarten kids from breakfast over to the kindergarten playground. (I’d like to meet the idiot architect that designed this school, but that’s a different story, sufficeth to say that for security and safety, it requires an adult escort to get the kindergarten kids from breakfast to their playground…….) When I got there the other two kindergarten teachers where kind of laughing.  I asked them what was so funny and they told me to ask Samantha what she had.  Now, Samantha is a little bit odd, nice, but odd.  She has spent most of her short life as an only child, but recently got two new little brothers.  She talks and acts like a miniature adult having spent most of her life mostly around adults.    Anyway,  as I walked up to her she held out a Ziploc baggie full of water to me.  Well sort of full, it was dripping, having developed a leak or two.  And sloshing around in the water was two small brown things.  I asked what they were, and she proudly said, “They are apricot nuts!”    “Uh huh, and why are they in water?”  “To keep them clean.”

Of course.

Actually, within the context of our Tree unit, and with all the talk we have done about seeds, what she had, minus the water, was perfectly logical.  But the other two teachers thought it was hilarious.


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