Reading: “The Daily 5”

Apparently  this book,  “The Daily 5”  is going to be the framework for our language arts next year.  I have the book, and I’ve started to read it, but I’m having a little trouble figuring out how to bring it down to kindergarten, at the beginning of the year, when they don’t even know letters and sounds yet.  Anyone out there familiar with this system?  The author’s website.


3 thoughts on “Reading: “The Daily 5”

  1. I love the daily 5, but I teach second. My son though, is in preschool and he loves to read. I’ll think on this and come back. :o)

  2. I also teach kindergarten and have pondered how to use the Daily 5 in our room. I have the struggle, also, of working within the district’s desire to practically schedule our day for us so we ‘do it right.’ I read the book last summer and did not put it into practice, but hope to connect with other kindergarten teachers who do use it.

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