Elmo (and it ain’t red)

I got my document camera yesterday.  It is so cool. You can read a normal size book to the class and blow the pages up wall size for the kids to follow along.  I’ve ordered some cables and accessories so that I can position it in the room better, but it works great even where I had it in the back by the projector.


4 thoughts on “Elmo (and it ain’t red)

  1. I’ve been so curious about this thing since you first told me about it a couple of weeks ago. About a week after that, I was at a professional development conference, and they used one! Now, I’m even more interested in it, and I think I’ll be drafting a Donors Choose grant to try and get myself one.

    • I know it will do more than I currently know how to do with it. But what I CAN do is so cool, adding or using the other features will just be that much better. I’m excited.

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