School is out!!!

Last day of school was yesterday.  Sent the little kiddies off with their parents.  I guess I’ve gotten used to saying good-bye,  I mean, I could take just about every one of them home with me, but I didn’t get all choked up about it like I sometimes do.  Maybe it was just really busy and hectic the last couple of days…  They are cute, they are smart,  and I think I’m really going to miss them. ….if I think about it, or them very much.  One way to thing about it is that  most of them will be in first grade at school and I will still see them .   It kinda bugged me last year though that some of the first grade teachers didn’t think the kids they got from me where as special as I did…..

Today was a work day, clean out the room and shut it down, finish all the paperwork, that kind of thing.  And unlike previous years when I could come back over the next couple of days and putter around cleaning up, I had to be done today. We are flying out on vacation tomorrow.  Fourteen hours of airplanes and airports.  Not looking forward to THAT.

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