It’s not even the end of July, and we have back to school sales starting up…….

Well, Target just started it’s “back to school sale”, so I just spent a bunch of my own money (as usual) for my kids and class. In January, I like to give them the 24 box of colors to replace their fat kindergarten crayons, and Target always has a good deal on them.  Then I needed new homework folders and some glue sticks.  I like starting them out with small glue sticks, a lot of them haven’t had much experience with glue and it can be a waste of a big glue stick, if they don’t get a bit of experience under their belts before I give them the  big ones. 

The fisker scissors I had have been through 9 years of kindergarten, so I was ready for some new ones of those as well.  Then I wanted to try journals this year so I got a bunch of them as well.  I actually think I have most of the stuff I need for the beginning of the year, so it wasn’t really to bad of a hit on the pocket-book this time.

Right, like I’m going to get off that easy…….

Like most teachers I know, I spend money on things to make my job easier and to give the kids a better experience, and most of those things would not be provided by the district.  Just one year, I think teachers should just work their contract, no extra time, no extra money, even take  out of the rooms all the stuff we have bought for our classrooms out of our own pockets.  Show the whole country just what school would look like without the extra stuff we do for free.


4 thoughts on “It’s not even the end of July, and we have back to school sales starting up…….

    • Sometimes I HATE Blogger, I’ve tried 6 times to post this comment on your blog,about your situation. Hopefully you will get this.
      Just a couple of comments.
      I would NOT spend my two days getting the room ready, you NEED a break, go get a spa treatment or something instead. You’ve taught long enough to be able to deal with the first couple of weeks with things “messed up”. And you didn’t create the problem. They aren’t paying you to spend YOUR time doing it, unless things are a lot different in Chicago than here, and I doubt it.
      Second, if there truly is nothing you can do about it, then you have choices, will you let it mess up who you are and how you do your job? As much as you hate being forced out of your comfort zone, you might actually like first grade. Almost every teacher I know that has moved that way has liked it. The kids are developmentally able to do more. Plus, if you are truly looping, then you should have most of your own kids, and you prepared them, you will start off faster and better with them than someone else.

  1. Thank you, my friend, for your words of wisdom. You’re right, it is going to make a HUGE difference in the start of the year to have my kids from last year. I won’t need to spend the first month of the school year explaining/teaching routines, etc. because they already know them. Plus, I’ve decided to let them “help” me get the “new room” ready. Pretty slick, huh? They’ll LOVE to help, and I’ll get some cheap labor out of the deal. 😉

    I love your idea to go get a spa treatment. You’re too cute! I’ll be happy to do nothing else but lie in my hammock for two days and try to do some of the reading I missed this summer.

    Just say a little prayer for me to make it to our fall inter-session as smoothly and quickly as possible. (I believe it starts Sept. 26!)

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