Random things from the First Day of School………

“Teacher, What’s dis?   “um, it’s a pencil.”      reply, “What you do with it?”

From a sibling of a previous student, ” Teacher, I heard you were Mr. GRUMPY.”  followed by the whole class laughing their heads off.

Trying to take a class of kindergarteners ANYWHERE outside the room the first day is like trying to herd cats.

“Put your shoes back on…….”    “No, it’s NOT time to go home yet.”

“When you use the bathroom, close the door…….”

“No, you may NOT put your hand in the fish tank.”

Right after I take them to PE, the nurse calls, “Does Sam have his glasses, his mom says he wears glasses.”  “”

Well, someone had glasses on, it might have been Sam….”

“NO, it’s not time to go home yet.”

“Nurse, no Sam doesn’t have his glasses.  You want to know who the kid is that does?  Just a minute, I have to go read his name tag…..” (there’s 28 of them and I want to STAPLE those nametags on, because they won’t keep them on, they clip right on their shirts…..)

One of the saddest, “Teacher, when do we get to play?”  Because what ever the answer, it isn’t as much as they will want or NEED.

“Is it time to go home yet?”

“No, hitting!”

Why is it if the Principal SEES the hitting, it is so much worst than if I TELL the Principal about the hitting?  It’s the same hitting…….

“Push your chairs in…….”

From the Teacher, “Is it Friday yet?”


2 thoughts on “Random things from the First Day of School………

  1. I so sympathize…my kids asked me the first two days solid “When are we gonna have fun?” Broke my heart because I know they needed to play and meet their classmates and it just isn’t in the “curriculum.” We finally made a list of everything we do before recess (which is at the end of the day). Second week is better 🙂

  2. ssshhhh….do NOT tell ANYONE, but these are all the things I don’t miss about kdg. so far this year. The ONLY nice thing about this shitty move is that my babies already know the program. I didn’t have to deal with criers, screamers, etc. these past couple of weeks, and it was NICE! But, at the end of the day, I STILL MISS KINDERGARTEN! 😦

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