Third Day of School

Let’s see, I could be one of our other kindergarten teachers……  One of hers came up missing on Monday after school, and another one came up missing on Tuesday after school, she’s been spit on, and one kid throws tantrums by rolling around on the floor (loudly) and throwing his shoes.

Mine are generally shaping up pretty well, we had a successful mock fire drill today, so maybe in the next few days when we have the REAL one, they will hold it together.  They can now walk in line pretty well.  The reality of kindergarten is starting to set in on some of them though.  I had more criers today, one- off and on for most of the day.  And a few are starting to test the limits.  I do generally have a good bunch with nobody that is glaringly a behavior problem.  There are 3 or 4 that could have academic problems, not all related to their English Language Learner status.

Today I got my 31st student.  We have state mandated small classes in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, but not in kindergarten.  Every year the academic expectations have increased in kindergarten,  but they still give us over 30 kids.  Two years ago, we had classroom aides to help in kindergarten, they pulled most of their time last year to work on 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students for mandated testing.  This year we get nothing.  Well that’s not entirely true.  We get more kids.


5 thoughts on “Third Day of School

  1. I just can’t imagine teaching 31 children. I will pray for you every day. I will be getting a new student on Tuesday and that will make 15 for me- plenty to teach and teach well. Beyond 20 you just can’t physically do your best teaching. Too many bodies and too little time.

    • Ok, now THAT was depressing, I could have gone all year without knowing you only had 15 kids (just kidding, but I am jealous)…….. Even with 31 you get attached, it’s just too many. We would feel wonderful with anything below 25. The lady teaching kinder next door has 31 and yesterday one of them screamed, not just cried, but screamed for almost two hours, when she finally called the office, the Assistant Principal and the Principal basically blew her off and and then the principal chewed her out for getting upset and crying, even when it wasn’t in front of the kids.

  2. I had 31 in my kindergarten last year, but I did have an instructional aide. Still, aide or no aide, 31 in kindergarten is WAY, WAY too many. With a screamer in the mix, well, I really feel for you and your colleagues. Is every administrator in your district heartless?

    • NO, just overwhelmed, and stressed like the rest of us. Principal was in meetings in the morning off campus, the AP was supervising all-day training for 5th grade teachers, so we had a bunch of subs in 5th grade, and he got pulled off of that to go to the Kinder teacher’s screamer. He’s new at our school, but based on my previous interaction with him, his response seemed a little insensitive, but I’m sure he was stressed as well. Our principal sometimes has a hard time delegating, and there may be something developing there, then the AP is split between two schools this year because of budget cuts……. Everybody, was ready for Friday to end, the first week back to school.

  3. Wow. Seriously, WOW. I, too, will be praying for you.

    I’ve moved back to Kindergarten after teaching PreK for four years. I’d forgotten that five- to six-yr-olds are notorious tattlers! And they cry waaaay more than children in PreK; maybe it has something to do with being the youngest in the school instead of the oldest.

    I’ll be checking in on you! 🙂

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