Dibels and the 7th day of school

Tthe testing window for the beginning of the year dibels benchmarks opens tomorrow.  I have all of the kids uploaded to my Palm so I can begin the testing.  Now, I just have to figure out how to keep the rest of the kids busy and out of trouble while I’m doing it. 

The problem is, that while they make improvements daily, they still don’t have routines and procedures down pat yet, and they really can’t do much, only about a third of my kids can write their first names good enough for me to be able to read them, and they can’t do much else.  Most of them haven’t grasped the idea of phonemic awareness yet,  and they aren’t very good at sorting beginning sound pictures for the letters Bb and Cc (the only ones we have done so far).   So I hate to interrupt the routines and procedures for a week while we do dibels.  About the time that the dibels window closes the mclass math window opens……….

I know it’s the beginning of the year and I say this almost every year but, this group sure seems low this year.  And I know for a fact that I thought that last year and they turned out to be my best ever class at reading by the end of the year.    I’ve got some squirrelly ones this year…….


2 thoughts on “Dibels and the 7th day of school

  1. I usually would have to resort to using (gasp!!) the tv to get my beginning of the year assessments finished. Thankfully, I have LOTS of ‘educational’ videos. I own the entire 32 tape collection of Between the Lions, which I use a LOT. I also have about 10 different DVDs from Scholastic that are illustrated versions of popular trade books. And, there’s always that good ol’ stand-by, Sesame Street. New Principal was totally ok with me putting on a video to get the testing done. Thankfully, I didn’t really have to do that this year, as my ‘babies’ are big, bad 1st graders now. But, I was just told that our mClass math window closes this Friday, and I have yet to even start. 😦 We just had training for it this afternoon!!! Hopefully I can get them all done in the next two days, or I’m screwed. I feel a video coming on….

    • I don’t have a TV anymore, we’ve gone techie, I have a projector that does the smartboard, the Elmo and any DVD’s I want to play, I have some Between the Lions, haven’t used them yet this year, but do have all the LeapPad Letter Factory videos and I like them alot. Yeah mClass math window opens right after the Dibels window closes. Lovely.

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