They are making me crazy


Thirty-one kids, no aide, and Dibels, NOT a good mix.  I spent an hour today laying out their work for them to do while I did Dibel assessments.  For half of them it wasn’t enough.  I’ve been muttering under my breath that they are making me crazy too much.  THEY laugh when they hear me say it.

Not good…………

I got six kids done today, at this rate it will take me 4-5 more days and I will have to start ALL OVER on classroom management, routines and procedures.

OH, then I get to do the MATH assessments……….


4 thoughts on “They are making me crazy

  1. Here’s their plan: They’ll have you assessing your kids so often, you’ll have no time to teach them anything at all.

    You’ll have time only to do the required assessments. These assessments will prove to them (with data you supply) that you’re a lousy teacher, probably a member of a teacher’s union, and ought to be reassigned to a grade you’ve never taught, I mean, done assessments.

    Then in a year or two, using the numbers you’ve provided, they fire you.

    An elegant plan to improve our schools and leave no child behind.

    • Yeah, and when I DO actually teach them, and compensate for the crummy math program so that they actually LEARN something, they credit it the useless math program……

  2. DIBELS was intended to be given in a quiet room, one on one, so that the child can hear accurately and is not distractd. We get a substitute for the day we do testing. If I was one of your parents and knew what you were doing, I would demand that the test be given properly. Do you have a parent who can protest for you? Can you encourage one? 🙂 What you are doing is nonsense, and I totally understand your position in the scheme of things.

    • Oh, I KNOW how it’s supposed to happen. Before the state and the county and the school district and all the people in the state, county, and district lost their money in the economy, they actually paid for subs for us, or gave us an aide to at least help monitor during the testing.

      Now they tell us we are lucky to have a job. Did I mention that every room in our school is getting a new wall mounted Smartboard? Including apparently, the rooms that just got Smartboards LAST year…….

      They do what they want. Most of my parents have a hard time with English, don’t like drawing attention to themselves.

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