I have finally finished my dibels beginning benchmark assessments.  I have 6 Benchmarked, 11 Strategic, and 15 Intensive.  As much of a struggle as this class has been, they are starting out higher overall than my class last year.  The scary thing is that 20 kids didn’t know a single letter on the letter naming fluency part.


7 thoughts on “Dibels

  1. Yikes!! What a mix!

    I was blown away by the fact that I have NO intensive kids this year! Woo hoo! That’s one advantage of looping with my class, I guess. I KNOW I prepared them for first grade, now I have the all-important data to prove it!!

  2. Holy guacamole! You’ve got your work cut out for you! Take your vitamins and eat a can of spinach each day. You can thank your stars that you don’t have to concern yourself with the arts, science, PE, social development, emotional development, or much of any other part of the traditional kindergarten curriculum!

    Their scores are the ONLY thing that matters.


  3. Our tests are being done by a team this year, not me. While that is good in the sense that it doesn’t take away my teaching time, I think it will affect their scores because some will be too shy to answer and others will be too intent on showing off for a new audience to concentrate on what they are doing.
    I agree with Dan. Thank goodness we don’t test for art, music, science, social skills, motor skills, and social studies! Just because they are required by the state doesn’t mean we have to spend quality time on them! lol Good grief! I wish these people in Washington would visit some classrooms.

  4. Our dibels are done by a team during the second week of school, which I like because I can keep teaching BUT, this year, instead of the teachers determining which students may need intervention support, ONLY those students who scored low in initial sound fluency will receive support for 20 minutes daily to work on THAT ONE SKILL. The majority of the students who scored low in that area have never been to school but are demonstrating progress with classroom instruction in phonemic awareness. Yet, we are mandated to have those students out of the classroom, missing other instruction (during my ELD time no less), at the cost of $100 a week. The plan is to provide this intensive support for 6 weeks and then re-evaluate. REALLY? It’s going to be a long year if resources are wasted based on one assessment measure for intervention.

    • Sounds familiar. This year we are all on the same schedule and the window was at least open a little longer. In the past, we were on a year-round schedule, and my rotation started, two weeks after everyone else. They used a one-size fits all testing window that had me doing dibels the first 4 days of school, then the window closed. We were supposed to base enrollment in our Voyager intervention groups (which were supposed to stay the same for the whole year) on that one test. And they act like the TEACHERS are the ones that don’t know how to do their job.

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