Halloween is Sunday, so on the last day of school this week, we will have whatever Halloween we will have in our kindergarten class.  The grade level met and didn’t really want to do too much, we each have 32 kids and two of the teachers are in conventional classrooms, which are smaller and without the bathrooms that the other two kindergarten rooms have.  Our School restricts parties to the last half hour of school.  We didn’t want to have costumes if we weren’t having a parade…….  too much hassle with 32 kids.

The principal didn’t want a parade involving the whole school. But she thinks the kindergarteners and first graders are “cute”.  So she decided to have a parade with just them.  So now we have a parade, a party and costumes.  With the party the last half hour, then stick the parade in front of that, we said we needed at least 15 minutes for changing into costumes, because she didn’t want them wearing them for the whole day.

But them she didn’t want us missing 55 minutes of instruction………

Just be the educational leader and make a decision…..


5 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. OK, I had planned to post my own gripes about our Halloween crap, but I probably won’t get around to it tonight. I feel a little better about not being the only one who works at a school that’s a complete mess!

  2. 14 children. Bathroom across the hall. All day costumes. Parents visiting for lunch. Party from 12:30-1:30. Then recess and library before going home. After reading your post, I will smile and feel grateful all day long! Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday, but it is only one day in the year. Why not let the kids enjoy it?

    • I’m most jealous about the 14 children. I had an epidemic Wednesday, 4 of my 32 were absent to begin with, and 4 left throughout the day as they got sick or for other reasons… In library, they said my class was wonderful (something that rarely happens) I reminded them that there were 8 fewer kids. 24 would be wonderful…..

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