Some kids……..

I had this one little hispanic girl who has been a real pill.  Lately, almost everyday she has taken home either a yellow card or a red card.  She REALLY likes to goof off and not do her work.  Mom tried to explain to me that the reason she’s getting red or yellow cards isn’t because she intentionally misbehaves, it’s because she doesn’t understand English………    Let’s see, Mom speaks English perfectly fine, and so do the two older sisters at our school.  Never mind that 85%  of my kids are hispanic, and some of them know less English than she apparently does.  THEY don’t get in trouble. 

But since  she has started getting in trouble (actually she never stopped) all of a sudden, mom has complaints,  about things that happened MONTHS ago.   In fact mom has complaints about each of her three daughters’ teachers.  Apparently she is not happy with any of us.  They just moved out of zone, which meant that in order to still attend our school, they had to apply for a zone variance.  The principal told the mom that since she was so unhappy, perhaps they would be happier at their zoned school…… and she denied the variance.

After 58 days of school, she can only identify the letter X, that’s it, not a letter in her name, nothing else, and her math is just as bad.  Turned in no homework, and did very little in class.   Both of her older sisters were retained last year due to poor attendance.  They missed something like half of the year.  Mom didn’t like the previous school so she didn’t send them.  There isn’t going to be a happy ending here with their education…..

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