Don’t you love parents who think “their” child is the “smartest” kid in the world?

If you are one of these parents, I’m sorry.  I know, EVERY parent, thinks their kid is special……….. and every kid is, in their own way.

First off, let me say that while their child IS wonderful, she’s no standout academically in my class.  She’s been a bit of a behavior problem of late.  I would be one of the first to admit that both the under- challenged, and the over-their-head challenged can both be behavior problems (and some of the middle kids as well).   And I have some of each this year.  So much so, that I have really had to tighten up my discipline plan this year (as in, I actually have had to implement a mechanical progressive discipline process, something I have been more relaxed about in the past).  I have a three card system, which consists of a warning, two stages of yellow and one stage of red.  The warning carries no consequences, the first yellow is a timeout, the second yellow is loss of play time at recess, and the red is a call or note home.   Each day students take home a Monopoly money size green, yellow or red card.  I’ve printed out most infraction types on the cards and only need to check one or more boxes on the card.  They need to get the yellow and red ones signed and returned.

Samantha’s problem is that she is easily distracted, has a kindergartener’s natural exuberance at being around a bunch of other kids, and is impulsive.  Nothing bad there really.  But she does take the occasional yellow card home.  Which from the way she gets almost hysterical when it happens, you would think they beat her, (hopefully that’s not the case) but I do know that they do take a yellow or red card very seriously when she gets them.  I have hinted, that while I want the child to think it’s very serious, that perhaps they might not attach quite so much significance to the  occasional yellow card when she gets it. 

Yesterday, mom brought me a note from the doctor,  she knew class was starting, and didn’t want to take my time……. but did anyway……..

The note is written on a doctor’s prescription pad and reads,  “Please discuss with mom testing Samantha for advanced I.Q. since she has advanced knowledge for 5 yrs old in face of behavioral difficulty.”  I’m not even sure that’s grammatical…. but who am I to be picky, the doctor pulls down more income than me I’m sure. 

Yeah, I have some kids this year who are learning well and doing well on various assessments as they are given.  But I do NOT have any kids reading Magic Tree House books in the first trimester like I did last year.  This years crop of kids is AVERAGE, and she is in the upper half of the class in that respect.  But she doesn’t stand  out.  I have very few who can consistently decode CVC words.  She isn’t one of them.

I find it interesting that parents rationalize their children’s behaviors back to being the teacher’s fault.  She is apparently bored, or not being challenged and that’s why she is getting in trouble.  If she is SO smart, maybe she could figure out how to stay out of trouble……………..


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