The Three Little Pigs

Our reading program had us read The Three Little Pigs today.  We were reading, and one part referred to the first two little pigs as being lazy.  I asked the kids if they knew what that meant?  Somebody said, “like a lazy bones.”   And this one little boy said, “Like my mom.”

I said, “Well, a  lazy bones just lies around all day and does nothing…..”   He just nodded and said,  “Yep, that’s my mom……..”

It’s probably the truth.  This is the same little boy that came to school two days ago with his shoes all wet and his pants legs wet half way to his knees.  I sent him to the health office, to get something dry,  ( it is more or less winter out there after all).  Turns out that his shoes were dirty that morning, and he wanted to look good.  His mom and step-dad couldn’t bother to get out of bed to help him, so he climbed up in the kitchen sink and washed them,  on his feet of course.

It’s really sad to see a 5 year old raising himself.


4 thoughts on “The Three Little Pigs

    • So many of them are such good kids, at least at this age. I sometimes wish I could take them home, feed them, clean them up, care for them, nurture them. But the really amazing thing is that as bad or as poorly as their parents are prepared to be parents, they ARE their parents and the kids amazingly love them still. Love is such an amazing thing.

      I’ve got this other one, who lost his grandfather this spring, he was really close to his grandfather apparently. He’s had some real difficulty acting out and going off when he does something wrong and gets in trouble. He told me the other day that his dad was in jail for hurting his mom.

    • Pretty much every year, these are the kids I work with. Most of the parents are doing the best they can, but some of them have so many problems of their own, they don’t know how, or can’t take care of their kids very well.

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