Dibels, Wireless Generation’s mClass Math, and the Renaissance Learning Star Early Literacy test……..

I thought I was a teacher, but apparently not.  I thought our school was losing the battle with NCLB and that TEACHING would be important, but apparently not.

In one week the window opens for the middle of year benchmark tests in all of the above assessments.  Four Dibels tests, Four mClass Math tests, (ALL administered individually to each of my 32 students, and then the Star Early Literacy test administered on the computer (for which they want me to sign up for a 50 minute block of time in the computer lab).   Funny that, I wonder how long it will take me to login 32 kids in the lab into a program they have never used before, and how many will actually finish it……..

The mandated testing window for ALL of these assessments is two weeks.  The same two weeks. 

And I have pacing calendars that mandate specific lessons for Voyager Learning intervention groups, Trophies Reading Lessons, and Envision math lessons, all of which give specific dates when specific lessons will be taught.  If an observer comes into my room, it is expected that I will be on the specific lesson at the specific time.  Funny how all this testing wasn’t built into that schedule……….

My wife suggested that I get the “two-week flu” since I have enough accumulated sick days……….

It’s tempting.


11 thoughts on “Dibels, Wireless Generation’s mClass Math, and the Renaissance Learning Star Early Literacy test……..

  1. Your wife’s a funny, funny lady! 🙂

    I was just bitching, I mean talking, about the exact same thing. What the Heck? At least you were told the window opened. Since there is absolutely ZERO communication in our building, I found out by accident that the window for DIBLES had opened when I tried to progress monitor my intensive group on Monday. When I asked our reading coach about it, she had no idea what I was talking about. Nice, right? And, this goofball makes nearly 6 figures!! what the heck, again!

    I’m debating if I should just write “DIBELS Testing/mClass Math Testing” across my entire lesson plan for next week. That’s the only way it’s going to get done, anyway! Argh! 😡

    • Yeah, she’s a teacher too. We have a plan, at least for Dibels. Our Palms are 6 years old and dying. No money to buy new ones. And since they neglected to budget for, or pay the Wireless Generation fees for Dibels this year WiGen dumped our data and locked us out of the Dibels application. (Why couldn’t they have dumped us out of mClass as well?) Of course we still have to DO Dibels, so it will be done on paper instead of the Palm. So, even though the window doesn’t open until January 18th, we are planning on starting sooner since it’s not on the Palm they have no real way of knowing. We just won’t input the scores until after the 18th…. Of course that only works for Dibels, the others are either on the Palm or computer so they can control access to the window.

  2. I’ve got a better idea. Suggest to the parents that the kids all get a two week flu. I’m only half serious, but this nonsense isn’t going to stop until parents organize and start shouting stop. Heaven only knows the teachers don’t have a voice.

    • Nice idea, but I’d just have to test them “late” when they got back. And generally, a teacher can get in a really deep pile of excrement for suggesting ANY thing like that to parents. I’ve seen teachers get in trouble for just showing parents how to assert their legal rights.

  3. I am so glad things are different at my school and for the most part we are still teaching children. I see us moving toward more testing, but hopefully that will happen after I retire! 🙂 We have a great team that does our DIBELS testing and we just do our monitoring. And of course I only have 15 students.

  4. How did the testing work out? Was the computer test easier to administer? Can you give me pros and cons of computer versus one-on-one? Thanks!

    • I’m about 70% done. It’s going ok on paper. I have experience doing it both ways. Using the Palm to give the test is easier because the Palm does all the calculations. We are using Voyager at our school so after giving the tests manually, we just have to enter the scores manually on the Voyager website. The Voyager website (Vport) then sorts them into Struggling, Emerging, or On Track. Some of the Dibels tests in the upper grades read passages directly on the computer, but we don’t with the ones we do in Kinder.

      • Renaissance, is Accelerated Reader. Students read books and then take quizzes on the computer. There are a couple of diagnostic programs that assess student’s reading levels. We have to administer the “Star Early Literacy Test” which is for pre-readers.

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