Needy little children……..

With the heat on in our rooms at school, a lot of my kids have been complaining about headaches.  I think their sinuses are getting dried out.  This morning they were making it really hard to teach.  Their heads hurt, their tummies hurt, their noses hurt,  hang nails, teeth hurt, etc. etc. etc.

And there’s not much I can do about it.  If they don’t have a fever, the nurse just sends them back to class.  I have my own digital thermometer so I can pre-check them before sending them down.  This late in the year, the kids know I’m telling the truth when I say I can’t do anything about it, because I’ve sent kids down to the health office enough times before, and they just send them back.

Today, after this one little kid came up to me for the third time complaining about her head hurting and me telling her I couldn’t do anything about it, (I mean sure, if they are in significant pain we will call home, but generally I can tell if they are in real distress or not) anyway, I pulled her close, gave her a quick hug and said, ” Aww, poor baby, now go sit down and get to work.”  This other kid comes right up and says HER head hurts, I give her a quick hug, and tell HER to go get to work, then this boy comes up…..I give him a quick hug.

When I look up, there is a line of 10 kids waiting for their turn for a hug, and some kids having just got their hug, are getting back in line……

Doesn’t anyone give these kids hugs?


5 thoughts on “Needy little children……..

  1. There’s a song called 4 hugs a day. That’s the minimum. We don’t actually sing it anymore (headlice) but I get a lot of hugs. Kids need em. I never initiate them, but I do return them.

  2. So sad, isn’t it? I seriously can’t stand still for a half a second without someone latching on to me. Usually, it’s more than one at a time. They’ve all developed this little ritual when we walk into our classroom. I usually stand just outside the door so I can watch both the kids in the room and the kids still in the hallway. As each one of them walks past me to get in the door, they stop and squeeze me. It’s so stinkin’ cute, and so horribly sad, all at the same time.

    • Yeah, this was kinda cute too, but it really cracked me up when they were getting their hug, and then getting back in line for another one….

  3. Please don’t lump all parents together under one brush as you don’t like to be lumped or blamed for everything either.

    My daughter is the joy of my life. She is in Kindergarten and I hug her from the time she gets up to the time she goes to bed. As well as my husband hugs her too.

    She is a very loving little girl. She hugs everyone, even strangers sometimes. She hugs animals and is so loving and caring.

    She loves her teacher so much. She tells me how she gives her teacher big hugs. I have always thought, awww! 🙂

    Now, after reading the thoughts of you as teachers I cringe. So here I am thinking the teacher must think she is so cute and aww, she likes me. The teacher is really thinking I am a bad parent who never hugs her kids. Poor kids, is what they are thinking?

    That is really sad. 😦

    Maybe the kids are just loving kids and this is their first year away from the moms and dads at school, and they need to feel warmth and comfort at school too. Is that so bad?

    Until reading your post, I would have never in a million years thought that a teacher would think a child doesn’t get many hugs at home if they like to hug their teacher. WoW!

    • I think you are right about most kids in kindergarten, I believe that most parents love their kids and most kids love their parents. That doesn’t mean that they all get all the hugs they need or want. I worry about the level of care that some of my kids get. This economy has been brutal to many lower income families.

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