Technology in the Classroom

I use a lot of technology in my classroom. I have a sound system with an Ipod dock, an Ipod, a scanner, an Elmo (document camera), a projector, six computers for student use two laser printers, and a Smartboard (interactive whiteboard).  I use a laptop computer and the Elmo with the projector.  One of the printers, the laptop, the scanner, the sound system and Ipod, and the projector are my own personal items.  The projector has been giving me problems recently.  I dropped it a couple of years ago and it has worked OK ever since, but recently it has developed some issues.

Technology is only good when it works.  It can be very frustrating when you have to reboot the computer several times, unplug and plug the projector back in several times and turn it off and on several time all just to be able to do the calendar.  Meanwhile, 30 little bodies get more and more restless.  I was fiddling with it the other day and muttering under my breath and  the kids wanted to know what I was saying, (I didn’t tell them what I WANTED to say but) told them that the projector was just having problems because it was getting  old.

Without missing a beat, “You mean like you teacher?”  And they wonder why I hate (not really) them…………………….  🙂


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