End of the Year Dibels Scores

For the end of the year we do the Letter Naming Fluency,  the Phoneme Segmentation Fluency, and the Nonsense Word Fluency Assessments in Dibels.  I don’t know what it is about this year, but my kids have performed mediocre at best on the Letter Naming Fluency, while generally knocking the other two out of the ball park.  Almost every kid has performed very well on the Phoneme Segmentation, and Nonsense Word items but they just can’t seem to name letters fast.  I just don’t get why they can’t name the letters with automaticity.  And it’s not just my class, all the kindergarten teachers at my school have noticed the same thing this year.

6 thoughts on “End of the Year Dibels Scores

  1. My son read at a 6th.grade level in second grade, many years ago. He had some other issues so we had him tested. He failed the letter recognition. Who knows, maybe it’s not all that important! Just kidding, but I wonder how common this is. By the way, do you test comprehension at all?

    • Well, in kindergarten, Dibels for is primarily an indicator of reading readiness. Towards the end of the year here I do have readers, but I’m mostly just happy to get then that far. If they are reading they are doing Accelerated Reader and that involves comprehension but that’s about the extent of it. With 29 kiddos, I’m lucky to get to that.

  2. I really don’t pay much attention to that at all. And the reason is that it is TIMED. Most of my children honestly have such a slow Southern drawl that any timed oral test is automatically against them! lol

    • If I know they know it, and some of them do, then it doesn’t bother my too much either. Where it becomes a problem is when others use my data to make decisions for me or them.

    • It’s huge amount of time for ALL of the assessments they want us to give. I think I lose almost a month of instruction time. Next year I want to document it. Most of our kindergarten assessments are either individual or small group administered.

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