The other day I was picking up my kids from lunch and I still had an unfinished can of soda in my hand.  One of my kids asked me if it was beer.  Understanding that they don’t know or understand the  ramifications of a teacher openly consuming alchohol on the job, I never- the-less was quick to point out that, “No, it’s not beer, I don’t drink beer.”   The student replied, “Well, my mom does……”

I have this standing thing I tell parent’s.  “I’ll make a deal with you, I won’t believe half the things your child says happens at home, if you won’t believe half the things they say happen at school.”  But that’s not REALLY true, I tend to believe most of what they tell me goes on at home.  And often, the parents would be mortified to hear some of it……….


2 thoughts on “Beer

  1. 1. You don’t have to eat with your students?? Wow!!
    2. An open can of soda? We can’t have one or let our kids see one. Not that I’ve had a soda in more than a year. Bad stuff.
    3. A few years ago a kid in our “home center” loudly said, “I TOLD you to get me a beer, and I meant NOW!” Probably a statement he’d heard more than once.

    • 1. “Duty Free” lunch, 30 minutes.
      2. I don’t normally drink beverages in front of the students. Other teachers often have coffee in their rooms, I don’t drink coffee, so water, flavored water, or an occaisional soda (usually one that wasn’t finished eitherr before school or at lunch) doesn’t bother me, and no one has said anything….

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