Common Core State Standards-48 states?

Anyone else out there starting to use these in your District?  The word here is that we will be implementing them this fall in kindergarten.  I wonder if the people who came up with these have ever had a conversation with a developmental specialist in Early Childhood learning?  I don’t know how they expect us to do it, there has been NO training and it’s iffy if there will be any.  What little I have seen of the kindergarten changes are pretty significant.  It’s been hard enough trying to get some of my kids to be able to count to 20 this year (I had a couple that started out the year this year with number sense to TWO!)  Next year they want them to be able to count objects to 100.  That’s going to be fun to assess with 30 plus kids and no help.

I saw a nice badge the other day, I want one.  It said, “Those who can, teach. Those who can’t, pass laws about teaching……”

Education has become so politicized.  It seems to me that catch phrases are more important that facts and reason.   They have become more important than children (in the name of what’s best for children of course).  Even the administrator’s union in our district has come out in support of merit pay and against tenure for teachers.  They forget that if they did their jobs correctly, right now, they wouldn’t need to limit the rights of their existing teachers.  Who conducts the observations, and write the evaluations on teachers?  If they were more careful with the probationary teachers in the first place, they wouldn’t be complaining about inadequate post probationary teachers.  They wouldn’t need to eliminate tenure as a way to get rid of “bad” teachers.   Anyone listening to them should remember that the administrators have always had the responsibility to ensure quality teaching. Hold the administrators to account as well…….

All the proposed changes in our state will not cause children to learn better.  They want to get rid of “bad” teachers, (you know the ones that are at the top of the pay scale, so they can hire more inexperienced, beginning teachers at the bottom).  In making the changes that they are, in order to be able to replace “bad” teachers, they will cause a lot of good teachers to leave as well.



5 thoughts on “Common Core State Standards-48 states?

  1. The poor kids! I’ve never been a proponent of home schooling but I think I’ll encourage my daughter’s inclination to quit her job when her eldest is supposed to start kindergarten.

    • Usually if parents are involved in their child’s education, the child will do ok. Generally, public education is getting more complicated not better.

  2. I’m wondering when the last time I counted 100 of anything. If I need, let’s say, 50 nails, I won’t count them; I’ll just get a quantity upwards of 50 and go. Why is this skill important for a five year old kid??

    Educational reforms have one aim: to create a third world educational system: great PRIVATE schools for the uber wealthy and completely dysfunctional schools for everyone else.

    They don’t want the bottom 97% of the population to be educated well enough to challenge a system that allows the very few rich to hold on to almost all of the wealth in this country.

    You want to see a school system in a trickle down economy? Visit a poor West African country.

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