I Teach K Conference – Las Vegas

Well, I’ve spent the last two days and will spend the rest of the week at the I Teach K Conference in Las Vegas.  I have managed to attend 6 out of the last 7 annual  conferences.  They are always exciting and enjoyable.  Most of the speakers do a really good job and there are lots of great ideas shared.  And the vendors booths are just evil, tomorrow I need to leave my wallet home……

I think the most affirming thing about the whole thing is just being around so many other people who teach kindergarten, meeting them and sharing how things are different and how they are the same, all over the country.  I had one session and several more sessions scheduled for tomorrow about using an interactive white board in kindergarten.  The two main products are either a Smartboard, or a Prometheus board.  I think I want to do a post or two on using them in Kindergarten, but I’ll wait to see what I get out of tomorrow.


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