Smart Board or interactive white board in Kindergarten

I don’t know where the money comes from, since they keep talking about budget cuts and larger class sizes, and fewer teachers, but in the last two years, every teacher in our school has received, 1 Smart Board, 1 Elmo (document camera), 4 student computers, one laptop, and over the summer they installed new projectors to the wall over the Smart Boards and a classroom sound system.  I love the technology, but when they keep talking cuts, where is it coming from?  And they didn’t think the Smart Board installations out when they first put them in.  First some of us had boards on wheels, then they took all of them out and brought new ones in and mounted them on the wall.  But teachers weren’t allowed any input on where they were mounted.  Then they had wiring issues with the projectors and the Smart Boards, so that’s why they mounted new projectors on the wall.  I would bet that wall mounted units/projectors wouldn’t have been anymore expensive than doing it over this way.

And the boards for primary grades are mounted to high.  They are primarily intended as interactive white boards for student use, but kindergarten kids can’t reach that high.  I was looking at some choir risers that had two steps, but the cheapest ones I could find would have cost me over $450.00 delivered.  For that, I decided to build my own.  While at Lowe’s looking at the materials my wife and I found these work steps for painters, they were each originally 20 inches high.  I cut one down to 16 inches and the other  down to about 8 inches.  It worked out so that the smaller one actually interlocks with the taller one.  All finished, it cost me about $80.00.

5 thoughts on “Smart Board or interactive white board in Kindergarten

  1. Wow, that’s a LOT of technology in one school. I’m with you – where’s the money coming from?

    Nice job on the risers. Who knew you were so talented? 😉

    Hope your back is feeling better these days.

    • Yup, I’m just a talented guy. Still working on the back, I have a referral in to a Pain Management doctor, who will probably try to “stun” the nerves at the nerve roots. Hopefully that will help for awhile, eventually I will probably need surgery though. What are YOU doing this Fall? Besides melting in Chicago.

  2. Just found Soundabet and thinking I am going to LOVE it! An idea about the ActivBoard or SmartBoard- order the wand! I teach kindergarten in north Louisiana and I can not even imagine teaching now without mine. Using it four years, seriously…..I would struggle without it! Have you tried Promethean for flipcharts?
    Just send an email for orderform to order Soundabet.

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