Back To School -Two

How many of you teachers, go back to school early, or put in extra time (that you don’t get paid for) before school starts so that on that first day, everything is ready for your new class?  You want the room to look its best, and everything to be perfect for the kids.  Sometimes after you have taught for a few years, maybe you let go a little on the “perfect” part, but I don’t know any teachers who don’t put in some time to get ready for the new year.

There are a number of things that I like to get ready for the kids that I need a class list for.  But for most of my teaching career, I have had to wait almost until the first day to get the list.  We have three days we report to school for before the kids come back and those three days are chock full of meetings and training.  There is very little time for our rooms.  The parents and kids know who their teacher will be in early August, but for some reason,  the teachers were the last to know.  When I was the school technology specialist a few years ago, I actually got in trouble for accessing the lists and printing some of them out for teachers.  It backfired on them of course, when they took away my network rights to the program that allowed me access, I told them they could have ALL my extra rights.  I was a full-time kindergarten teacher at the time and only doing the technology on the side.  It didn’t make me sad to devote all my time to my class and give up the technology, but they were surprised.  I don’t know why…….

This year, we have a district website, that we can login to using our district email login and access our students, it has their addresses, phone numbers ELL (english language learner) status and lots more.  For upper grades there is even testing data from the previous year, although in kindergarten we don’t get that.  It’s a big change and makes so much more sense.  Now I can do their name tags, homework folders, etc.


2 thoughts on “Back To School -Two

  1. My class list has changed- lost five students, gained three- since Monday, so I don’t worry much about labeling everything until the first week.

  2. yeah, I won’t make the name tags and stuff untile the next weekend, but it’s nice to at least see some names and think about them. Your class size was pretty small last year, that’s got to be a big chunk of your class percentage wise……

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