Back to School the first OFFICIAL day- staff development

Our official work day starts at 8:15.

The agenda for the day (given out at 8:30)

8:15 – Breakfast in the Lounge (who knew) since we didn’t, a second breakfast………

8:30 – Introductions in the Library  (one new teacher)

9:00 – Criterion Referenced Test Results (grades 3, 4 and 5 last year) twiddle thumbs…….

9:30 – Teacher Handbook and Mandatory Videos (Handbook, page by page, Videos, not the actual videos, just talking about the videos)

10:00 – Opening procedures : Office/Universal Breakfast/review of all papers in the teacher packet  (every child gets free breakfast this year at our school-during instruction time –  we discussed it and discussed it, then discussed it some more, but who knows how it will work, we have never done it…)

Picture this, kindergarten, the first day of school,  lets go to the MP room and eat breakfast……….  Four classes of them, we don’t recognize our kids yet, they can’t walk in line.  They know NO procedures for ANYTHING……..

11:30-12:00  Lunch

12:00 – Work in grade levels on specified agenda (don’t think it was really specified)

3:26 – End of contract day

Mind numbing.  Just mind numbing.


2 thoughts on “Back to School the first OFFICIAL day- staff development

  1. I feel your pain! Our kids eat breakfast BEFORE instructional time at our school, but without aides, there is nobody to walk them down. I have to “describe” where to go, and then pray they get there! And on Monday, the *third* day of school, every teacher in the building (all kindergarten) will have a sub so we can go to mandatory training on our new language arts series! I can’t even imagine the chaos that will ensue, especially at dismissal, when the kids don’t know yet which bus to get on!

    Kool Kinders

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