Common Core State Standards

There is full implementation of the CCSS in K, 1st, and 2nd in our district this year, rolling them out to the rest of the grade levels over the next several years.   We are also moving away from the standard measurement of NCLB and adopting a growth model.  The growth model requires pre-testing, and trimester testing on the standards, that’s 4 times during the year.  We also are being required to do Dibels testing, mClass Math testing and the Renaissance Learning STAR test (in kindergarten we will do the STAR Early Literacy test)  3 or 4 times for the benchmark testing and periodically for progress monitoring.  Then there are ELA unit tests, and Envisions Math unit tests, etc, etc.  There are 8 pages to the CCSS ELA test, and 4 pages to the CCSS Math test. Almost all of these assessments need to be given either individually, or in small groups.  It is just mind-boggling how much time this is going to take.  And as it stands right now, we should top out around 30 students in each of our kindergarten classes.

I want to log just how much time is lost from direct instruction this year due to assessments.  They keep adding new assessments, but don’t take any away.


4 thoughts on “Common Core State Standards

  1. I think in the future each school will have a “testing lab”, and a “testing staff”. The kids will spend half their time learning and half their time testing and half their time re-testing. Oops….that doesn’t quite add up, does it…guess we will have to give up something. Probably the learning time. 🙂

  2. I agree. I find we are assessing more than actually teaching. I also feel we are getting away from developmentally appropriate activities for young children. We may have 21st century learners but they all develop through certain stages that need tactile and real activities. Let children be children and learn through their play. I hope you have a great year despite district requirements.

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