Universal Breakfast

We offer “universal” breakfast this year at our school (a Title One school), Kindergarten eats last.  They begin the breakfast when the bell rings for school to begin.  So, breakfast occurs during “instruction time”.  All other grades pick up their breakfast and take it to their classroom.  Kindergarten gets theirs and eats it in the lunch room.   Prior to this week, the bell would ring to line up at 8:45, and by the time we dumped our backpacks and got across the school to the line we didn’t have to wait much.  They had four lines going for breakfast pickup.  Someone from the district visited and decided that there wasn’t enough accountability with the kids moving through so quickly, so they made the lunch lady cut it down to two lines.  We found that really slowed us down and had us waiting in line for too long so we started doing more things in the room prior to going to the lunch room.  After some trial and error, we found that if we waited 10 minutes before leaving the room, we wouldn’t have to wait in line so long.  But now, instead of getting back to the room around a quarter after, we get back to the room 30 to 40 minutes after 9:00.

We were losing maybe 25 minutes of instruction, now we are losing 40-45 minutes.  Of course they do expect us to somehow teach the same amount in a day…………..

3 thoughts on “Universal Breakfast

  1. Our breakfast is served from 7:45 to 8:20- very efficiently and the food is great. Pre-K through first eats in our cafeteria. We are in our classrooms and participating in morning circle by 8:30. Late kids can take their tray to our rooms. We have lunch at 10:50, then snacks in our room at 1:15.

  2. We had breakfast before school, and many of our kids are on free or reduced lunch. But Universal Breakfast is a different animal. EVERYBODY gets it. They aren’t forced,but it’s during school time. My issues are with the rush, the loss if instruction time, and the waste.

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