How to make your kindergarten teachers feel valued and appreciated………

  • Give all other grade levels a common preparation period every day.  Don’t give the 4  kindergarten teachers any, not even one,  but expect them to collaborate
  • Have kindergarten be last for everything; last for breakfast, last for lunch
  • Call full staff meetings that everyone is required to attend, but talk about things that don’t apply to kindergarten
  • Do the same on staff development days
  • Over 4 years gradually take away all the aides and support for kindergarten, but give them 30-32 students
  • Increase the amount of testing and evaluating,  then expect the curriculum to still be taught  while the teachers are testing,  don’t even supply a substitute for the teacher so that they can test while the class is  being taught, even though subs have been provided in the past and still are at other sites in the district.
  • Tell them to identify the 5-6 lowest students in their class and commit to having them “at grade level” by the end of the year
  • Don’t provide any help or support to the teachers for the 1-3 highly disruptive students in each class
  • Pass a law that says any student will be retained that misses 20 or more days in a year but don’t retain anyone, even the ones missing 60 or more days
  • Pile more and more assessments and programs on the teachers but take very little away; add to – don’t replace
  • Fully implement Common Core State Standards in Kindergarten through 2nd grade, but don’t really train anyone.
  • Change the expectations half way through the year.
  • Continue to use the old text books even though they aren’t aligned to the CCSS
  • Tell your kindergarten teachers that they should transfer to another grade level if they don’t like any of this, even though due to cuts, there haven’t been any other openings in 3 years.

And this is why I haven’t posted much lately………….


5 thoughts on “How to make your kindergarten teachers feel valued and appreciated………

  1. I have nothing to offer but sympathy, and the suggestion that this might be the time to invest heavily in lottery tickets.I’ve been around a long time and I’m sure the pendulum will swing back to sanity at some point but by then all the good guys will be gone.

  2. Wait, wait . . . you forgot to mention the styrofoam trays. I love how the trays are too small for all the food choices and that Kinders don’t have the motorskill to balance everything with one hand as they work their way through the line.

    I feel your pain. This is year 26 of Kinder for me. The “R” countdown has begun.

  3. I am so glad that I found you!! Oh my goodness I feel your pain. Our kinders have to eat bfast in the rooms. Yes, french toast with syrup, cereal flying all over when they try to open the cup, spilling milk/juice.
    Give a school a principal who was teaching a K classroom all their life and this may change our situation. Thanks for sharing Good luck for the new school year!

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