More Universal Breakfast

In addition to the negative time factors with the breakfast, there are a couple of other problems.  Frequently there is juice as one of the items.  Frequently some or all of the juice is frozen. All of the juice was frozen on Monday, and at least 50 percent of it was frozen today.  If it’s only some of it, then the kids take extra time going through the juices looking for the ones that aren’t frozen.  Except kindergarten is last, so it’s pretty picked over when the kindergarteners get there.  Then between the breakfast and the lunch menus, the kids get whole apples 4-6 times a week.  Kindergarten kids don’t have good teeth for eating whole apples.  To keep my kids from just throwing the juice and apples away, and since the entire rest of the school is eating their whole breakfast in their classrooms,  I started allowing my kids to take unopened frozen juice and whole apples back to class.  In an hour or so, after the juice has mostly melted, they then can drink it.  I also bought one of those apple corer/slicers that you just push through the apple.  Five and six-year olds have a lot of loose teeth, they really have a hard time with whole apples.  They have eaten a lot more of the apples when done this way.  BUT.

Apparently, the custodian thinks that kindergarten shouldn’t take any food into their classrooms.  He says that it will attract ants.  Never mind that EVERYBODY else is eating breakfast in the classroom. Anyway, today the principal told us that we couldn’t take any food into our classrooms.  We threw away all the juice and all the apples.  Most of them drank the milk and ate at least the frosting off of their cinnamon rolls.  We threw the rest of breakfast away.

Kind of defeats the whole purpose for having the breakfast in the first place.


2 thoughts on “More Universal Breakfast

  1. At my middle school many years ago, deliberately frozen juice was a “treat” we were allowed to buy at morning snack time. If it’s in containers with peel-off lids (as opposed to containers with straw holes) you can scrape the juice with a spork and eat it that way and it’s kind of like a sno cone. We considered it a dessert item and it was a pretty popular choice. If your containers will work for this, I suggest encouraging your kids to eat it this way.

    • Sure, but that’s not the problem. The problem is loss of instruction time. Given enough time, they could gnaw through the apples too.

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