More on the Common Core Exam

So here is the breakdown of how the District explains my problem with the scoring in the math portion of our Common Core Exam.


Emergent                      Approaches                   Meets

.00-120.49                  120.50-161.49                161.50-169.00

Those are points possible on the test and how they broke them down.

Counting to 100 has a point value of – 101 (since we start at zero)

Skip counting to 100 from 0 equals – 11 points

Writing numbers from 0-21 equals – 21 points

Counting objects – 10 points

Comparing numbers – 5 points

Addition and subtraction –  5 points (listen to a number story, and correctly write a number sentence and do the math)

Recognise and name 2 and 3 D objects in the environment.  -8 points

 Use correct terms to describe objects location – 8 points

Clearly someone with a math background did not decide how to score this test.  Do they REALLY want to disproportionately value rote counting that much over the other standards?  Counting by ones to 100 and skip counting by 10’s to 100 is 122 of the points or 72% of all possible points.  Two of the eight standards assessed account for 72% of the score.  That’s not right.  Next year I should allocate 72% of my math time to those two standards.

The girl in my previous post scored a total of 119 points because of only counting to 49.  She would still have had to count to 92 to meet the standard.  In my experience, if they can count to 92, they can count to 100.

And they scored it differently for ELA .  There were 15 standards evaluated in ELA.  If a student got maximum points on all standards except words, and they met the standard with words at 50 words they would earn 179 points.  If they miss 7.51 points out of 179 points, they drop from Meeting the Standard to Approaches the Standard.  That is such a narrow margin.


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