The new year….

Well, we are entering our third week and we each only have 21 students (normally we have around 30).  Of course THAT was too good to be true so the principal informed the kinder teachers today that she needed to move one of us to Second and split those kids up between the other three teachers.  I guess Wednesday when we have a common preparation time, she wants to meet and discuss it……

Oh, joy.  Nobody wants to move.  We have each spent literally hundreds of dollars of our own money on our classes this year and now she wants one of us to basically throw all of that away and start over on a different grade level. In a different, smaller room, with more kids.

Like I said,  “Oh, joy.”


3 thoughts on “The new year….

  1. Sounds like the typical situation here in Chicago. Just one of the millions of reasons CPS is on strike!!

    Welcome back! I’ve missed your posts. I hope despite all the BS, you have a great year.

  2. Doesn’t anyone in your district know that the smaller the class, the more time and attention you can give to individual students? Are we teaching children or operating an “education factory”?

    • The problem is multi-fold in it’s complexity. The economy is in the tank and money for the district is restricted. Politically motivated decisions seem to target the teachers. We are expected to do more and more with less and less. And they tend to look at the problem from the top down instead of from the bottom up. I believe that this is why we are essentially teaching first grade in kindergarten now. And instead of getting the numbers down in kindergarten, they decide to add pre-K. Yet pre-K only services about half of the projected kindergarten students. The other half still flounders.

      And then there is the problem of doing too well. Last year we made “safe harbor” in No Child Left Behind. So we no longer qualify for some ot the intervention programs that helped our kids succeed. That makes no sense.

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