New Kid

I wasn’t thrilled to get him.  I’m at 30 kids now and 17 of them are boys.  Boys are just so much more ACTIVE than the girls.   This one came from the school down the street, and the grade level chair there used to be a kinder teacher at my school.  So I sent her a text.  I guess they had a lot of problems with this boy.  Stealing, lying, hitting……  He’s doing the same in my room.  The other children are constantly complaining about him hitting, touching, messing with them.  Today I moved him to a desk by himself.  He chopped his phonics paper into confetti, ate his glue stick and drew a picture of Sponge Bob on the wall in the boy’s bathroom.

Mom says he never had ANY problems at his other school.

Why do they do that?  I KNOW he had problems there, I talked to his former teacher.


4 thoughts on “New Kid

  1. It sounds possible that he had some major trauma in his life (abuse, parent not in the picture, etc). Has he been referred to school counselor/psychologist for evaluations? Hope things have gotten better by now!

    • Both parents are in the picture. There’s just something off about this kid. For one thing, he could use another year, he’s really immature, but that’s not all of it. He is doing a bit better, but he’s not up to grade level by any means.

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