Testing Continued…..

So one of the problems with testing kindergarten kids is that so MUCH of it has to be done one-on-one.  Which leads to the problem of what to do with the rest of them.  The admin kind of frowns on a lot of videos….. so you usually have to come up with some kind  work that they can do at their seats….. by themselves.  They can rotate through the computers, and they can silent read-to-self, but they can’t do either for very long and you can’t have all of them doing it at once.

So one of the other teachers had a four page project that looked fun and involved a  lot of cutting and gluing that I decided to try.  It was a giraffe, with the head on one page, and pieces of the neck on each of the other three pages.  The alphabet went down one side of the neck in upper case letters and they then cut out spots for the giraffes neck with the corresponding lower case letters on them to glue on.  Really kind of cute.

Oh my heck.

Even after demonstrating and posting examples………  if they could find a way to mess it up,  they did it that way,  each child in a new and original way.  It SHOULD have used 120 pieces of paper.  I finally cut them off when we got close to a ream of paper………

I couldn’t stand it.  So naturally I had to supervise……..

Which meant that I got NO testing done.  Which sort of defeated THAT idea.

You’d think that I would have learned by now, if it looks like a good idea, look again.

And wear your glasses.



3 thoughts on “Testing Continued…..

  1. I taught k for 4 years and recently moved to 5th. I had enlarged and laminated the Fountas and Pinnell alphabet linking chart. Every single day we would point to each letter and chant the alphabet letter, sound, and picture associated with it. “A-a- /a/- apple.” “B-b-/b/-bear. I had 6 ESL and 2 special ed. kids is my madness of 27 kids in a kindergarten class. Doing that every single day made a huge difference!

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