Long time since my last real post.

Sorry it’s been so long.  Along with all of the school issues, I’ve lost my father and a brother since Christmas and it’s just been crazy around here.  I’ve got some things to post, just need to find the time……….


4 thoughts on “Long time since my last real post.

  1. Oh, man…I have also been on a blogging hiatus (for eerily similar reasons). I’m so sorry to hear about your father and brother. I will say a prayer for them, and you.


  2. So sorry to hear about your loss. Spring is a difficult time at school anyway, without the added stress of family problems. Will pray for you and your family. My mother has been gone almost fourteen years and I still miss her every day.

  3. My brother passing in December was a blessing really. He’d been a quadriplegic for the last 37 years or so, and when he passed, I think that was one less thing my father had to worry about. He was 87 and had taken care of my brother for most of that time. I think he was just tired. We are doing OK, we’ve had a wedding since, and that has helped I think. It was a much happier family gathering after the last two. My other brother, who just got married will be living with my mom and will continue to help care for her.

  4. Hi. Just checking in on you. I hope you’re in the midst of wrapping things up for the year at school. I’m certain you can use some relaxing time off about now, huh? Check in when you have a minute. You’re missed around here!

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