I’ve Migrated to First grade

Wow.  I’m teaching First Grade this year and it is so different and so the same.  All of the record keeping changed going into First grade, I have a smaller class size, but a smaller room.  I have a number of kids who were in my class last year, but many who were not.  My class has 22 kids, and they are generally low.  I have a couple of high ones, that is, I have a couple who are actually on grade level.  Teaching the Common Core  in First Grade is different too.  One of the main problems is that we have no adopted or purchased programs for Language Arts/Reading or Math.  At least none that matches the Common Core.  I spend SO much time “creating” curriculum instead of teaching it.  I have to teach it, but I have to create what I teach and that is ridiculous.  Why have EVERY teacher spending countless hours recreating and duplicating effort?  It’s such a colossal waste of teacher time collectively.  And of course, they don’t pay us for, or even acknowledge all of the EXTRA time we have to put in.  Hours and hours of time.  Retiring is looking more and more attractive.  If I could ever afford that………… 


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