This blog is primarily about my teaching experience in  public schools. Certain insignificant details have been changed in order to maintain the anonymity of my school, my students, as well as my own identity. I apologize for any confusion this may cause.  This is my 21st year of teaching, 4 years of half day kindergarten, 2 years of 1st grade, 9 years as a technology specialist and this is my 6th year back teaching full day kindergarten.

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  1. do you work in florida by chance?

    i just stumbled upon this site today – you’ve got it down pat! i’ve been teaching KG for 4 years in a school that seems similar to yours. if you can’t find something to laugh about, you’ll just cry all day. i see you’ve chosen to laugh. bravo! your students are lucky to have you.

    i just cry. (kidding)

    thanks for some chuckles 🙂

  2. Maybe it’s just that kindergarten is very similar around the U.S. I’m not in Florida. They do make me laugh just about every day. But I have those crying days as well. Comes with the territory I guess.

  3. I teach kindergarten in Chicago. My students start Tuesday, and I, too, am dreading having to DIBEL my babies. Especially because that sounds dirty! haha!

  4. Yeah, it does sound a little funny when we say we have to dibel someone…. I don’t mind the actual dibels, it just keeping the rest of them busy while I do it. We don’t get a lot of help in our classes here normally.

  5. I just realized that you said your new school is Reading First school. We are on Year 3 of the 3-year grant, and it’s been hell for the past two years! I hope things go better at your school. It seems you have much better resources, and that you have a “normal” administration, two of our biggest obstacles here!

  6. Yeah, Reading First. I don’t know what year we are in because I just transferred here. I’ll let you know how it goes after I’ve been teaching for a few weeks. It will definitely be interesting……. I DO know that almost all of the copy machines are always broken, the printer in my room doesn’t work, the palm pilots for dibels and mclass math are dying, so we are probably in year three too. The district bought enVisions math but didn’t buy enough and nobody has been trained…… I could probably write more…..

  7. I teach an all-day K in calif. This is my 21st year: 13th year of K, and 8 years of Jr. High English. All but one of my 13 year of teacking K has been all-day. We too use enVision’s math (we don’t care for it). We conduct one-on-one multiple measures tests on all kids, four times a year (once in August prior to the start of school, so we can build balanced classes), and again at the end of each trimester. Tell me about dibel… I think we use something similar (edusoft), where we bubble in the data, and it spits back a number of reports on the kids (who is at benchmark, who’s above, below, etc).

  8. I teach k in an low income, urban charter school in NJ. I have 20 students 5 of which are turning 5 years old as we speak, so they came to me at 4!!!! I am now suppose to help create personal narratives with my class. Most kids can’t even identify their abc’s, do you have any tips or resources that you use that you would like to share???

    • Nope, not much help here I’m afraid. We do have school-wide writing prompts that our kinderkids are supposed to respond to like the rest of the school. On the other hand, some of them are just stupid9the prompts, not the kids). Our kindergarten kids are supposed to write on the following prompt in two weeks. “In a letter to the President, persuade him to change a law of your choice.” Lets get real here, even if it was remotely something they could attempt, it should be “try” to persuade him…… Usually it ends up them copying most of their sentence from the board, or a paper closer to them if they have trouble tracking back and forth from the board, then they provide a few words to complete the sentence. Most of the year, they can’t really write. It’s kind of rediculous really. Maybe after the inservice on Monday I will be an expert…….

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