Staff Development

If you are a teacher, how well do YOU like staff development days?  We just finished two days of them,  back to back.  That was Monday and Tuesday this week, then half the staff had to do a “before school meeting” on Wednesday about some of the same stuff we just spent two days on…….

Most of the in-service was on Educational Epiphany with Donyall Dickey (third, fourth and fifth have done this program for over a year now) and we are adding  The Daily Five/Cafe this year.    They want us to do both of these programs at our school.  Integrating these two will be interesting because they both use scheduling of time as part of their frameworks, and the times don’t match. You can interpret that as they really might not be very compatible……  Plus we carved 50 minutes out of our reading block this year for Voyager interventions which just makes it all the more fun and interesting.  I suggested to one of the lit. specialists the other day that at some point when they add a program, they should give some thought to dropping one……..(although last year as part of our frantic attempts to reach Adequate Yearly Progress in No Child Left Behind, we were told that our “new intervention” would be Reading Mastery, and it only lasted for one year, so technically they could say they have dropped something….  we never really did do it though, at least in kindergarten, because they didn’t purchase enough materials).

Anyone out there “love” staff development?

Personally I’d rather be teaching my kids,   or getting a root canal………


Something that made me feel really good today….

We had substitutes for half of the day today, while we had grade level planning.  We were looking at incorporating The Daily 5 into the structure of our Language Arts program.  For kindergarten, it’s kind of tough because at the beginning of the year, they really can’t do many of the things that they have to be able to do working independently.

In the meeting,  the literacy specialist mentioned how well the previous two years kids were doing or had done  in First Grade.  They were really positive about what we have been doing in kindergarten.    They said that only about 4 of the whole first grade  class didn’t make green on Dibels and that the kids from the last two years have been doing really well. 

If we are doing so well, why are we messing with the program?

Reading: “The Daily 5”

Apparently  this book,  “The Daily 5”  is going to be the framework for our language arts next year.  I have the book, and I’ve started to read it, but I’m having a little trouble figuring out how to bring it down to kindergarten, at the beginning of the year, when they don’t even know letters and sounds yet.  Anyone out there familiar with this system?  The author’s website.