Friday, May 4, 2007

My Mom Says I Can’t Play With Boys…

The little free spirit who took herself to the nurse the other day, got herself in trouble again. I was picking my class up from lunch recess when one of the aides  told me that he had to go down to the boys bathroom and get her out of it.  A boy had to go from the bathroom all the way to the kinder playground, tell the aide, and the aide had to walk all the way back down the hall to the bathroom and he STILL had to go inside to get her out. She had to have been in there for awhile.

No explanation.

So as soon as I dropped the rest of the class off at the Library I hauled her  down to the office and wrote her up for the Assistant Principal. Later, when I was picking the class up from Library, she was back and that’s when she said, “Mr. B, my mom says I’m not allowed to play with boys anymore.”

Only a Mother…..

I have this one kid only a mother could love. Well, his dad loves him too I guess. Sometimes the mom drops him off or picks him up, sometimes the dad. They always go goo goo, gaa gaa, at the door every day as they take a couple of minutes to say goodbye. AND he is always late to class.

The fact that his parents so CLEARLY think the world of him is in fact the only reason I can tolerate him. I keep trying to see what they see. …………I keep trying. Sometimes it’s like, “His parents love him. His parents love him. His parents love him……… WHAT DO THEY SEE?”

He’s just not very nice, to anybody. I send him to time out a lot. But I don’t call it time out.

“Mr. B. SHE”S looking a me!!!!!” “Who’s looking at you?” “That girl over there!” “You mean that one two tables over, behind the other kid?” “Yeah, her, she keeps looking at me.”
“How do you know?” “When I look at her, she’s looking at me” Now he doesn’t see the flaw in this logic. So I say, “Well, does it hurt, when she’s looking at you?” You can see the wheels turning back there behind his eyes. He knows what I’ll say if he says no. So he says, “Yes, it hurts.” So I say, “Tell you what, get your stuff and go way over there to that little desk in the corner and work there. That way she can’t look at you and you won’t get hurt.”

He KNOWS this didn’t work out the way he thought it would, but he just can’t quite figure out what just happened.


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